Messiah's Coming Temple - J. Schmitt and J. Laney

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One of the Old Testament's most enigmatic prophecies is Ezekiel's vision of a new restored temple in Jerusalem. Some dismiss the notion of a rebuilt temple as irrelevant to both the Christian faith and the modern world. But what if Ezekiel's prophecies are true? What would a restored temple be like? How would it operate? And when might it be built? Th ese and many other intriguing questions are answered in this newly updated and expanded work based on extensive research and discussions with leading Jewish leaders and rabbis in the United States and Israel. Th is work provides the most accurate and complete description currently available of the future center of worship during the coming messianic kingdom. Along with clear and sound biblical interpretation of the key prophecies of Ezekiel regarding Messiah's coming temple the work includes photos and descriptions based on a unique and detailed three-dimensional model of the future temple constructed by author John Schmitt.

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