The First Time We Saw Him - Matt Mikalatos

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Scripture tells us that the words of Jesus made people uncomfortable confused angry repentant worshipful and riotous. Today we read the words of Christ in a steady even tone and find ourselves wondering if maybe we're missing something. Could it be that we've lost the emotional power of Jesus's words simply because we're too familiar with them?

With incredible insight into the surprising and unsettling aspects of Jesus's parables and life Matt Mikalatos reimagines familiar stories and parables in a modern-day setting bringing alive for the contemporary reader all the controversy and conflict inherent in the originals. These emotional sometimes humorous and jaw-dropping retellings include the stories of the prodigal son the good Samaritan the lost coin the feeding of the 5000 the death and resurrection of Jesus and more asking provocative questions like What would be the modern equivalent of Jesus letting a "sinful woman" wash his feet? Who would be the hero of "The Good Samaritan"? How would Jesus tell the parable of the lost sheep in a city like Portland?

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