Prayer Evangelism (Revised and Updated Ed.) - Ed Silvoso


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A witch's coven becomes a lighthouse of prayer in fewer than 60 minutes. 

Across the globe, an unrighteous president comes into contact with the Kingdom of God, and the entire nation reaps the blessings.

The number of believers in a city doubles after prayer evangelism is used to change the spiritual climate there.

An adopted son and the father who had cast him out are reunited in Christ.

These are real stories of lives and cities being transformed through the power of prayer evangelism.

In this revised and updated edition of a watershed book, bestselling author Ed Silvoso shows that when you change a city's spiritual climate, everything - and everybody - is transformed. The early Church knew this innately, and here Ed shares a proven, biblical and practical plan to help you enter into a true, transformative partnership with God. When you do, you can - and will - see the world and the spiritual climate around you change.

Fulfilling the Great Commission is no longer a distant hope; it is aa fast-approaching reality that we may see in our own lifetime. Now is the time to join the effort!

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