Outrageous Courage - Kris & Jason Vallotton


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Bestselling Authors Share a Powerful Story of Raw Faith in Action

From the moment her motorcycle pulled up outside Kris Vallotton's small country church years ago Tracy Evans has been impacting lives. Mentored by Kris Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker Tracy has never been afraid of putting her life on the line repeatedly for Jesus--and God has used her repeatedly to do amazing things for him around the world.

This is her story as recounted to her closest friends. From treating rebel guerillas while captive on an Asian island to having tea in a Mozambican hut with bullets whistling by to caring for 900 HIV-positive orphans Tracy's story will entrance readers inspire in them adventurous faith and challenge them to be radically obedient.

"Every story in this book is true and unembellished" says Kris. "We hope and pray that Tracy will have the kind of impact on you that she has had on all of us. Put on your seatbelt and let the journey begin!"

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