Fighting For Your Prophetic Promises - Barbara Wentroble


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Receiving Testing and Releasing a Prophetic Word

Addressing the confusion that surrounds prophetic messages and ministries Wentroble explains the spiritual warfare needed to receive promises from God; and reveals that prophetic words are for all believers. Her biblical guidelines and prophetic etiquette will help prevent abuse and misunderstandings---and enable you to experience the blessing of the biblical gift!

Many Christians who receive a prophetic message or "word" from the Lord don't understand that its fulfillment is not necessarily automatic. Others don't know how to determine if a prophetic word really is from the Lord. And still others don't understand what prophetic ministry is and how it works. A veteran prophetic warrior Barbara Wentroble is aware of the need for training in Bible-based prophetic ministry. With insight and wisdom she explains not only how prophetic ministry works but also how believers today--like biblical characters of old--may need to engage in spiritual warfare in order to receive promises that really are from God. Wentroble shows that prophetic words are not confined to church walls and are not for a select few Christians but for all. She gives readers the guidelines and prophetic etiquette they need to help prevent abuse and misunderstanding while helping them find the incredible blessing of the biblical gift of prophecy.

Author Bio

Barbara Wentroble is a bestselling author apostolic leader and prophet and has been a leader in the global prayer movement since the 1990s. The author of seven books she is the founder and director of International Breakthrough Ministries and travels extensively conducting leadership conferences around the world. She and her husband Dale live in Irving Texas.

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