True Purity - Hayley & Michael Dimarco

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Purity. What exactly is it? According to bestselling authors Hayley and Michael DiMarco purity is far more than abstinence from sex or other sexual activities. It's not about rules. It's not a list of don'ts. It's not about scare tactics teen pregnancy statistics or warnings about STDs. And it's not ruined the moment we mess up. It goes way deeper than that.

In their honest down-to-earth style that teens trust Hayley and Michael explain that purity starts in the heart and involves every thought desire and action--not just sex. They show that purity isn't just for the superspiritual but that it is a daily choice that every teen must make. And most importantly they show teens that it's never too late to become pure and that lost purity can be redeemed through God's grace.

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