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Supernatural Provision presents a supernatural and higher way of entering into the New Covenant Law of Blessing. Through Gods Law of Blessing and supernatural provision you can work for Kingdom purposes regardless of money and see God provide your financial needs. Many Kingdom finance books simply chat about making money with a Christian perspective but this cutting-edge truly exceptional book challenges believers with the biblical revelation of freedom from laboring to make a living. Jesus exhorted us to not worry about tomorrow to neither toil nor sweat or even sow and reap our provision because our heavenly Father longs to be our personal Jehovah Jirah if we are childlike enough to take Him at His word. Supernatural Provision is full of Holy Spirit-inspired insights God-breathed Scripture and relevant personal testimonies revealing the unmerited favor of Heavens provision that Jesus offers. You will be supernaturally stirred by these revelations; your life will never be the same.

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