Dreams and Supernatural Encounters - Julie Meyer

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Your dreams mean more than you know...

Dreams and Supernatural Encounters is a collection of personal experiences between God and an ordinary young woman through dreams and angelic visitations that are explained in great detail.

Each supernatural encounter teaches something unique about God and how He communicates with His beloved children. From the United States to Israel to Asia to Iceland and Poland each experience brings God closer to hearts worldwide. From the tragedy of the sex-trade to the committed houses of prayer each dream encourages believers who are facing uncertain seasons in life.

You are invited by God to get involved in each season of your life and realize that He is watching and loving you. He also laughs and cries with you - catching every tear in His tender and merciful hand. He makes Himself available and gives clear ways for you to approach Him.

Don't be surprised if while reading these dreams you think "Wow God is talking directly to me!" You will be encouraged inspired and uplifted with every encounter shared.

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