Experiencing the Heavenly Realm - Beni Johnson & Judy Franklin


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Keys to Accessing Supernatural Experiences

If you are seeking a closer relationship with God you will be totally absorbed within the visions and personal stories of the supernatural shared in Experiencing the Heavenly Realm.


Practical methods to develop a closer walk with God admonish you to engage in a more intimate relationship by getting to know the Father on a personal level. Individual testimonies about how to overcome obstacles substantiate the healing power and loving-kindness of God toward all who seek to know Him and to develop a deeper intimacy with Christ.


You can:

  • Activate your seeing capacity.
  • Experience love in the third heaven realm.
  • Be touched and healed by the Lord.
  • Go beyond just knowing about Christ.
  • Know Him personally intimately.

You can be healed by the Lord—emotionally mentally and physically—after learning how to experience the heavenly realm.


Paperback: 218 pages

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