Center of the Universe - Bill Johnson

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A Look at Life From the Lighter Side

Center of the Universe - A Look at Life From the Lighter Side are slices of real-life experiences from a pastor to his congregation that mix real concern with real humour. From tales about fly-fishing and an uncontrollable hunting dog to a revival in Africa and healing the homeless this compilation of 93 stories brings smiles as well as profound insight. With a very casual style and voice author and pastor Bill Johnson shares with you as a personal friend committed to revealing valuable lessons he learned on the lighter side of life. For instance:

"You've probably not wondered what reward the vegetable world will have in Heaven but I have. If 'the first will be last and the last will be first' applies to them too I expect that mustard greens will become like good chocolate in Heaven. After all being at the bottom of the totem pole of the vegetable world you have nowhere to go but up. I also hear that lima beans have the inside track on being Heaven's raspberries."

The enjoyable stories illustrate truths that will help you in your everyday spiritual journey through life-and keep you smiling all the way.

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