Destiny of Islam in the Endtimes - Faisal Malick

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Understanding God's heart for the Muslim People

Seeing Muslims through God's Eyes

Faisal Malick knows how Muslims think why they act and what they feel. He was one of them - until he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

Understanding Ishmael and his descendants is the only way to realize their important role in bringing about peace - in the Middle East the West the hearts of all humanity.

The Destiny of Islam in the Endtimes exposes the reality of:

  • Muhammad Ishmael's direct descendant

  • The terrorism mentality

  • Dreams visions and Muslims

  • Muslims being the catalogue for Jews and Christians

Your thoughts about Muslims will be shaken to the core when reading this thought-provoking book written by a former Muslim. His knowledge of Islam will widen your perspective and enlarge your heart for all of God's people.

Paper Back: 240 Pages

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