The Path of The Prophet - John Mark Pool

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Understanding The Journey

Were you born a Prophet?

Are you living your God-blessed destiny? Are you walking toward God's purpose? Are your troubles preparing you for something great- something God-great?

Becoming the person God wants you to be is a process - a life-long journey. The author walks with you through his childhood spent in an idyllic rural 1950s environment and his young adult years spent in the city where he became involved in many worldly vices - winning and losing fortunes and marriages.

Author and prophet John Mark Pool faced abandonment banishment betrayal and death - but he clung to his love of the Lord Jesus to see him through each situation. His path to becoming a prophet has been full of heartbreaks and triumphs - just like yours. Rejoice with him as he overcomes setbacks to become the man God intended.

Where is your path leading you?

Paper Back: 182 Pages

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