Praying the Book of Job - Elmer L. Towns

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The book of Job was the first book written in the Bible. It represents the thoughts and logic of the early patriarchs. Even though early and embryonic it contains the root fundamentals of Christianity. It contains a view of a sovereign God Creator guide and judge of all men. The author tells us salvation is found only in God and even though we pass through the inevitability of death yet there is coming a resurrection when we shall see God. The righteous will live with God and the wicked will be punished in Sheol (Hell). This book will help you understand why there is suffering in the world and what God wants to accomplish through it. Also learn the wrong reactions to suffering. Some of the "poor theology" you might hear in hospitals today is as old as Job. Praying the Book of Job is not just a translation to help you know better the book of Job but this is a devotional to help you know God. So reach out to touch God as you pray the book of Job but more importantly-let God touch you.

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