The Frequency of the Supernatural

The Frequency of the Supernatural


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The supernatural is a very real dimension.

If we could grasp the intersection of the spirit realm and science, what difference would it make in our daily lives?

This groundbreaking work reveals how science, God, the spirit realm, and quantum physics all function together. When you discover how to tap into these supernatural frequencies, you can operate in greater dimensions of spiritual power.

Through these pages, you will:

Gain a greater authority in your prayer life and become more effective in intercessory warfare

Understand how miracles are released and how you can access the power of God

Experience a renewed sense of wonder at the God of Creation and bring your worship to new dimensions

Operate in increased levels of discernment, recognizing the difference between sound science reinforcing Kingdom truth, and pseudo-science mixed with deceptive thought

Grow in confidence to share your faith using the concepts of science and the supernatural to address people’s relevant questions about God

When you understand the Quantum science of the supernatural, you will be equipped with keys that unlock new measures of Kingdom power, intercessory authority and supernatural miracles in your life!

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