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Holy Spirit has equipped you for battle!


“Believers must be trained to employ their spiritual weapons on the battlefield of life. Too often, they are untrained and ill-equipped for life’s spiritual conflicts, so they fail to live triumphantly over the devil’s tactics. Our mission on earth is to enforce victory accomplished through the finished work of Lord Jesus Christ.” – from the Introduction


Many Christians are knowledgeable about the gifts of Holy Spirit. But simply having the information falls short of actually enabling you to live victoriously over the forces of darkness.


The gifts of the Spirit can be used as weapons in spiritual warfare. Holy Spirit provides these to all believers, but wielding them effectively takes training and practice.


Get ready for a supernatural education in the gifts of the Spirit to engage Your Holy Spirit Arsenal!


As you learn to walk with Holy Spirit as a mentor, you will grow in your ability to use the gifts for victorious spiritual warfare. Then, put them to work to destroy the enemy’s plans in your life and the lives of others.


Discover how to use every weapon in the Spirit’s arsenal:


·       Revelation Gifts: Words of wisdom, Words of knowledge, Discerning of spirits

·       Speaking Gifts: Tongues, Interpretation of tongues, Prophecy

·       Power Gifts: The Gift of faith, Gifts of healings, Working of miracles


…and more!


No more feeling conquered and defeated! Walk in victory and power by arming yourself with Your Holy Spirit Arsenal!

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