Unlocking the Heavens - Shane Warren


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What Really Happens When You Worship

Unlocking the Heavens.

People across the Earth are worshipping God every day. But have you ever wondered: What actually happens when I worship? In Shane Warren’s groundbreaking new book Unlocking the Heavens he reveals how your worship:

Increases your awareness of the spirit realm and God’s supernatural activity in your midst
Deepens your intimacy with the Holy Spirit and takes your relationship to new levels
Strengthens your heart during dark seasons and supernaturally begins to turn the circumstances around
Gives you personal and bold access to the very throne room of heaven
Experience an unforgettable revelation of worship that presses into God’s throne-room presence and releases His throne-room power into your life!

“This book will help you understand that true worship holds the key to the throne room of the Almighty.”
— Marcus D. Lamb Founder/President Daystar Television Network

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