The Adventure of Supernatural Discovery - Michael Kaylor

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The Adventure begins the moment you realize that there has got to be more. If you find yourself hungering for more than the trappings of religion and longing for a supernatural encounter with God then you owe it to yourself to read this book. If you are in a dry place and needing to be refreshed again your time is now. This book will awaken the reality of a Heavenly Father who wants to engage his family with tangible experiences. It will unlock a depth of intimacy and revelation that will change your life forever. You will never look at your relationship with God the same way again. You will come to a place where the "more" of God has become a reality and you will never be the same! "Through testimonies and stories of unusual experience and God's visitations throughout his life Mike portrays in simplicity and candidness how hungering after God positions us for remaining renewed in God. This book successfully draws the reader into a similar pursuit of the "more" that God offers." Bill Johnson

Meet The Author

Michael Kaylor is the senior pastor of RiverGate Church international speaker and worship leader. He is also a team leader and advisory member for Global Awakening and has ben in ministry for 40 years. He resides in South Florida with his wife Cherrie.

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Pages: 157

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