The Supernatural Man - Adam Thompson

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God has dreams and visions reserved in heaven… waiting for you!

Too many people are stuck in the rut of the average ordinary and mundane. Why? They think what their natural eyes see is all there is to this life. There is more!

What the eyes can see reflects only a portion of who you really are. Your body houses your spirit and that spirit is the part of you that supernaturally interacts with God.

Adam F. Thompson shares both his incredible personal encounters and Biblical insight showing you how to live from this supernatural place—specifically by communicating with God through dreams and visions.

In these pages you will learn how to:

Position yourself to receive visions and dreams from heaven

Build your faith by using your imagination

Boldly decree God’s promises over people’s lives

Now is the time for your dreams and visions to come alive and advance God’s Kingdom on the Earth!

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