At Peace in the Storm - Ken Gire

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When You Need a Savior Who Stills the Wind

"Here's the rub about faith. Sure prayer often changes outward things but the only guaranteed miracle God offers us is inner peace the peace of Christ. A peace so crazy deep that it cannot be analyzed or understood. It descends on us even when everything else is falling apart while the drug-addicted child does not come to his senses or the job offer doesn't pan out or the cancer rages and the marriage is a hollow mess. But I'll let you in on a secret. This miracle of the 'inner variety' this inexplicable and supernatural calm in the storm is the greatest miracle you'll ever experience."

Bestselling author Ken Gire weaves together stories from the Bible history and his own life to reveal how we can find strength and encouragement through the storms of life. Experience the joy of knowing the God who is always there to reach out a hand and pull you out of the waves.

Chapter Titles Include:

Introduction- 2 Kinds of Storm

1. Peace Through Perspective

2. Peace Through Prayer

3. Peace In The Hospitable Art Of Listening

4. Peace Through Friends And Strangers

5. Peace From God's Word

6. Peace In And Through Music

7. Peace Through Deep Rest

8. Peace Through The Body Of Christ

9. Peace From A Balanced Brain

10. Peace From Insightful Books And Movies

11. Peace Through Serving Others

12. Peace In God's Creation

13. Peace Through Recreation


Meet The Author:

Ken Gire is the author of more than 20 books including the bestsellers The Divine Embrace and Intimate Moments with the Savior. A graduate of Texas Christian University and Dallas Theological Seminary he lives in Colorado.

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Pages: 168

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