Target Israel

Target Israel

Tim LaHaye & Ed Hinson

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As the conflicts in the Middle East grow in intensity, we cannot help but wonder what lies ahead for the nation of Israel and whether any of it means we are drawing closer to the last days.

In their exciting new book Target Israel, prophecy experts Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson explain why Israel is at the center of Gods prophetic plan for the future. As you carefully review the Scriptures with them, youll learn about...

  • the miracle of Israels modern-day existence
  • Israels unique purpose in the world
  • the ways in which Israel serves as a super sign of the end times
  • the coming alliance of nations that will attempt to annihilate Israel
  • Christs return to Jerusalem to rule the world

Youll be inspired as you see how God will bring all His prophetic promises to pass, and be encouraged to share your faith with greater urgency in light of Christs second coming.

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