How to Impact and Influence Others

How to Impact and Influence Others

James Merritt

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A persons character―who he is―determines the impact he has on others. James Merritt, senior pastor of Cross Pointe Church and host of the television program Touching Lives, unlocks nine key character qualities that, if consistently exercised and seen by others, will influence them to reach their full potential.


Readers of this book will be motivated to leave a lasting impact in a number of ways, such as


making sure someone sees, hears, or feels love from them each day

letting Gods joy shine through their life

being kind to someone every day

being faithful and dependable

treating others as more important

No one can do anything about his heritage, but he can do something about his legacy. Beginning today, he can become the kind of person who makes a life-changing difference for others, perhaps even an eternal difference. How to Impact and Influence Others shows the way to a life of surpassing influence.

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