The Bondage Breaker: The Next Step

The Bondage Breaker: The Next Step

Neil T Anderson

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Real Stories of Overcoming-Satan's Strategies Exposed-Insights for Personal Freedom and Growth

Hundreds of thousands of Christians have found spiritual freedom as they’ve grasped the Bible’s truth about who they are—with the help of the million-selling Bondage Breaker by Dr. Neil Anderson.

In The Bondage Breaker®—the Next Step Anderson offers more help to those suffering from destructive behaviors and spiritual entanglements—and an expanded vision for helping others realize their freedom in Christ. Life-transforming guidance includes:

•vivid personal accounts that show in detail how individual believers have found freedom from childhood abuse compulsive behaviors eating disorders depression tormenting guilt sexual abuse…and how readers can too
•encouragement and direction for believers on how to deepen their relationship with God their Father
•proven ways churches can newly enjoy God’s life and freedom with specific advice on Spanish-speaking and African-American contexts

Christians will see how they can experience new growth and significance in The Bondage Breaker®—the Next Step.

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