Christianity 101 - James: Working Out Your Faith

Christianity 101 - James: Working Out Your Faith

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The Bible is filled with intensely practical writings—none more so than James’ letter to the Jewish Christians scattered throughout the Mediterranean countries. Bestselling authors Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz show that like Proverbs in the Old Testament, the New Testament book of James is bursting with no–nonsense help for believers wanting to grow in their everyday lives, including...

perceiving God’s will, even in difficult situations

maintaining a proper perspective on wealth and poverty

demonstrating true wisdom in speech and actions

living in a secular society as a spiritual person

practicing confession and receiving prayers for healing

Readers will find easy–to–read explanations of each passage, helpful chapter summaries, and penetrating questions to stimulate individual study or group discussion.

About This Series: This user–friendly series combines commentary and practical applications for individuals or for a lively small group or Bible study.

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