The Bondage Breaker - Neil T Anderson


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Bestselling Resource On Finding Spiritual Freedom

You're trapped.

You don't know how you ended up in such a mess - locked in habits you can't seem to break or caught in sin. You're a Christian and this sort of thing doesn't happen to Christians… or so you've been told.

You are not alone.

The Bible warns repeatedly that all Christians will struggle against Satan and his spiritual forces of darkness. While the spiritual conflict that churns within you is very real the answers are just as tangible.

The Bondage Breaker reveals the whys and hows of spiritual warfare and exposes Satan's battle for your mind.

The Bondage Breaker shares the powerful truth that will break even the most stubborn habits or private sins.

You can live without chain!

Learn the truth of who you are in Christ and what is means to be a child of God. Knowing your spiritual identity and position in Christ is the essential truth that will set you free.


Paper Back: 298 Pages

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