Man Worth Waiting For: How To Avoid a Bozo - Jackie Kendall

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How To Avoid A Bozo

Single? You need this book!

Most women have dated a Bozo or two and paid the price of broken hearts and dashed hopes. Want to avoid repeating your mistakes? In this long-anticipated follow-up to her best-seller Lady in Waiting Jackie Kendall dishes up all you need to know to avoid the Bozos on the dating scene and find your ideal: A MAN WORTH WAITING FOR..

Too many singles choose Bozos because of loudly ticking biological clocks joining what Jackie calls "the cult of Quick." Her antidote: take the time to define with God's guidance exactly what qualities you need in a partner and learn how to sift out the prospects with no promise. "Let God write your love story" Jackie urges. "Let Him surpass all your expectations."

Detailed descriptions of Bozo men and their counterpart - the biblical hero Boaz - fill this book offering a tremendous resource for discerning what matters in a man who may eventually become a mate. Along the way Jackie shares personal stories of pain and triumph offers clear rescue from the Bozos lining the dating path and encourages you to hold out for A MAN WORTH WAITING FOR.: your own Boaz. Lively compelling and timely this book is a must-have for every single.

Paper Back: 224 Pages

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