Sex Has a Price Tag - Pam Stenzel

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A brutally frank and totally sympathetic look at sex—written for Christian girls and guys who may or may not be practicing abstinence.

During her years of working in a Crisis Pregnancy Center author Pam Stenzel kept hearing the same cry If I’d only known what could happen I would have made a different choice. There are many books in the Christian market that address the issues of sex – from varying points of view including abstinence self-esteem decisions about dating tradition etc. But Sex Has a Price Tag is a unique book that encompasses all these considerations... and also focuses on the consequences of pre-marital and extra-marital sex.

This book is not intended to scare kids out of having sex but to present solid facts that will help them make wise long-term decisions for the right reasons. Chapters focus on abstinence urges biblical definitions physical consequences and diseases taboo subjects and where to go for help.

Self-respect is a watchword of this book. Young readers will be freed of confusion and embarrassment and they will be equipped to meet the challenges of this all-important topic that looms in every teen’s life.

Sex Has a Price Tag clearly points to positive means to find healthy joyful God-honoring life-affirming attitudes toward sexuality!

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