The Jesus Storybook Bible Animated DVD, Vol. 3 - Sally Lloyd-Jones


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The multiple award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible now comes to life as short animated videos. Narrated by British actor David Suchet, this Volume 3 DVD contains the first 11 stories from the New Testament:
  • He's here! (Birth of Jesus)
  • The Light of the whole world (Story of the Shepherds)
  • The King of all kings (Three wise men)
  • Heaven breaks through (Jesus is baptized)
  • Let's go! (Jesus in the desert)
  • A little girl and a poor frail lady (Jairus' daughter)
  • How to pray (The Lord's Prayer)
  • The Singer (Sermon on the Mount)
  • The Captain of the Storm (Jesus calms the storm)
  • Filled full! (Feeding of the 5,000)
  • Treasure hunt! (Story of the hidden treasure)

Includes bonus interview with narrator David Suchet.

Runtime: 56 min

All Regions

Ages: 4-9

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