Unstoppable - Christine Caine


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From bestselling author global evangelist and activist Christine CaineUnstoppablewill invigorate readers to begin running hands outstretched for the "baton" God has chosen for them to carry now at the right time and in the right place and they will also train for a part of the race they've likely never before understood-how to release what is no longer theirs to carry-and finish the race they were destined to win.

People of faith are lined up in lanes all over this globe batons in hand running the race that matters most in this world-the divine relay!

The divine relay is tough. The track is treacherous. There are so many ways to mangle the exchange zones to overshoot to be knocked off the track to drop the baton to stop running. The church needs champion runners who never give up who persevere no matter what they encounter who run to win unstoppable no matter the cost.

If we pass the baton of faith fluidly in the exchange zone from person to person from generation to generation we speed unstoppable toward the finish line. But if we fumble the exchange the whole team the whole church suffers. Some runners even stop running and walk right out of the race.

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