Girls with Swords

Girls with Swords

Lisa Bevere

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If there was ever a time for women to be armed it's now. In Girls with Swords you will learn how to carry your cross with courage and wield God's Word as a sword of power in facing injustices as well as daily adversities. Creatively weaving together the imagery of swords the Word of God prayer and the power of the cross Lisa makes sure women of all ages are armed to be heroes.

Chapter Titles Include:

1.You Are A Target

2.A Sword Was Born

3.You Might Be A Hero

4.The Battleground

5.The Cross As A Sword

6.Becoming A Warrior

7.Forging A Sword

8.Sword Words

9.Sword Of Harvest

10.Sword Of Light

11.Sword Of Song

12.Sword Of Silence

13.Sword Of Forgiveness And Restoration

14.Cross Carry

Meet The Author

Lisa Bevere is an international speaker best-selling author and co founder of Messenger International. In her transparent style Lisa shares God's word woven with personal experiences to empower lives with freedom and transformation.

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Pages: 222

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