A Glimpse of Jesus - Brennan Manning


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The Stranger to Self-Hatred

Beloved Christian writer Brennan Manning has long been illuminating the transforming power of God's constant love for us in his bestselling books. Now he identifies self-hatred as the reason that so many of us seem unable to accept this incredible unchanging love. By clearly examining and understanding Jesus' life we can put self-hatred behind us forever and truly be transformed in the ways God intended.

From the forward:

This little book pretends to be no more than the tile claims: a glimpse of Jesus. That is all I have. it was written for myself and anyone else who has been tyrannized by self-hatred. I envision a wide reading audience because self-hatred is the predominant spiritual problem that I've has to deal with in twenty-eight years as a vagabond evangelist.

Unhealthy guilt shame remorse an self-hatred are no respecters of persons. Vague feelings of existential uneasiness before the Lord God transcend poverty and wealth cultural and educational differences distinctions between clergy and laity.

Paper Back: 144 Pages

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