Everything Comes Alive - Catch The Fire Toronto


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This album is filled with songs from our movement, songs that carry the DNA of Catch The Fire and birthed from encounters we have had with God. As we came to make this album we asked a question - what happens when God shows up? The answer is varied and rich - great praise erupts from our hearts, we find our identity, we fall more in love with Him, and we come fully alive. Our team of worship leaders and musicians have dug deep to find songs, melodies and sounds to give musical expression of the journey of our encounters with the living God.

Includes a DVD with the live recorded music videos (recorded at Catch the Fire Toronto) and a CD with the songs in audio format.



  1. Let Praise Break Forth - Ruth Preston & Marcel Preston
  2. Freedom Songs - Jonathan Clarke
  3. You Make A Way - Benjamin Jackson
  4. I Choose Devotion - Laura Woodley Osman
  5. You Shall Reign - Benjamin Jackson
  6. Here Is Our King - Marcel Preston
  7. We Love You - Jonathan Clarke
  8. Breathe On Us - Laura Woodley Osman
  9. The Simple Truth - Ruth Preston
  10. Everything Comes Alive - Alice Clarke

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