Starlight (Live) CD

Starlight (Live) CD


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"Starlight" is our first album recorded live on tour, and the follow-up album to "You Make Me Brave" (2014). The album features 14 songs led by Bethel Music worship leaders: Jenn Johnson, Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, Kristene DiMarco, Kalley Heiligenthal, Melissa Helser, Hannah McClure, and Grammy-award winning guest worship leader, Francesca Battistelli.

"Starlight" is anchored in the message that our lives, our world, and all eternity are held together in Jesus. Like the stars placed in the universe, no distance separates us from Him. Just as the night sky displays starlight that has been traveling for years to reach our eyes, may what we sow in this life bear fruit that extends to generations we will never see.

Track List:

  1. Starlight - Amanda Lindsey Cook
  2. There's No Other Name - Francesca Battistelli
  3. Extravagant - Steffany Gretzinger & Amanda Lindsey Cook
  4. Breathe (Spontaneous) - Amanda Lindsey Cook
  5. Take Courage - Kristene Dimarco
  6. King of My Heart - Steffany Gretzinger
  7. God I Look to You - Francesca Battistelli
  8. The War is Over - kalley
  9. I See the Light (Spontaneous) - kalley
  10. Catch the Wind - Melissa Helser
  11. Old for New - Hannah McClure
  12. For the One - Jenn Johnson
  13. You Came (Lazarus) - Amanda Lindsey Cook
  14. Extravagant - Steffany Gretzinger & Amanda Lindsey Cook

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