Without Words CD

Without Words CD


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Without Words began as an instrumental experiment by the Bethel Music community who set out to push the creative boundaries of worship. Each song offers a distinct listening experience and carries its own story. Songs from previous Bethel Music albums have been deconstructed and rearranged into versions that hint at original melodies through unique instrumentation and modern sounds. Each track creates a dynamic ambient and cinematic atmosphere- free from lyric and discourse. The album ventures into new territory and explores what it is to worship— without words.

Track List:

  1. What Does It Sound Like
  2. God I Look To You
  3. Forgiven
  4. For The Sake Of The World
  5. Angels
  6. Come To Me
  7. To Our God
  8. One Thirst
  9. Worthy Is The Lamb
  10. I Will Exalt

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