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The pride of Greenville, Texas, MercyMe return with a decided musical and lyrical shift from 2012's The Hurt and the Healer, a lyrically dark and pensive effort inspired in part by a death in frontman Bart Millard's family. Along with the more upbeat, positive tone of melodic rockers - like the title track and the first single, "Shake" — Welcome to the New is a more varied and pop-oriented affair, thanks in part to songwriting help from former Family Force 5 frontman Solomon Olds.

1. Welcome To The New
2. Gotta Let It Go
3. Shake
4. Greater
5. Finish What He Started
6. Flawless
7. New Lease On Life
8. Wishful Thinking
9. Burn Baby Burn
10. Dear Younger Me

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