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House on a Hill marks Amanda Lindsey's second album with Bethel Music, a

sequel to her debut album Brave New World in 2015. This studio album

unfolds into a piano-driven ambiance paired with subtle electronic

tonality. Amanda describes her project as a journey of coming "through the

trees, into an open field, where I could lie down and catch my breath."


Echoing Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God," the album was

birthed through discovering the gentle voice of God, leading us into His

peace and joy that stays constant and confident, giving all of our minutes

and moments a purpose. Amanda's lyrical brilliance is on full display in

songs like "Awakening" and "House on a Hill". Lyrics like, "This is my

awakening-while my heart was fast asleep, You were resurrecting me," and,

"Some things you can't know till you're still, in the silence where your

spinning thoughts slow down," give listeners poetic, imaginative language

as they begin their own dialogue with God. Known for her strong and pure

sound, Amanda's vocals ascend from quiet, gentle melodies to soaring



House on a Hill will impart rest and healing listeners by providing a space

to encounter God in stillness, and remind them of His transcendent



Track List:



I am/Because You Are

Not Going Anywhere

House on a Hill


Love Never Fails

The Clearing

Water Under the Bridge

The New Country

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