This is Jesus Culture (Live) CD

This is Jesus Culture (Live) CD

Jesus Culture

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Want to make a difference in the world? Heed God's call as you listen to this transformative collection of some of the most influential songs in today's church, including "We Sing"; "Forevermore"; "One Thing Remains"; "I Want to Know You"; "I Exalt Thee"; "Your Name Is Glorious"; "Spirit, Break Out"; "Rooftops"; "Show Me Your Glory"; "How He Loves"; and more.

Track List:

  1. I Want To Know You - Chris Quilala
  2. Sing Out - Chris Quilala
  3. Unstoppable Love - Kim Walker-Smith
  4. Rooftops - Kim Walker-Smith
  5. Your Love Never Fails - Chris Quilala
  6. Alleluia - Chris Quilala
  7. Agnus Dei - Chris Quilala
  8. How He Loves - Kim Walker-Smith
  9. One Thing Remains - Chris Quilala
  10. Your Name Is Glorious - Kim Walker-Smith
  11. Show Me Your Glory - Kim Walker-Smith
  12. Holy Spirit - Kim Walker-Smith 

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