This is Not a Test CD - Toby Mac


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One of Christian music's favorite artists, TobyMac returns with another rewarding blend of pop, rock, and hip-hop styles.This Is Not A Test features guest appearances from his former dcTalk bandmates, as well as Capital Kings, Mr. Talkbox, NF, and others on "Beyond Me," "Love Feels Like," "Undeniable," and more. 


**2016 Grammy Winner- Best CCM Album


Track Listing:

1. Like A Match 3:07 

2. Backseat Driver   3:21

3. This Is Not A Test 2:40

4. Lights Shine Bright 4:36 

5. Til The Day I Die 3:48

6. Feel It 4:40

7. Move (Keep Walkin) 3:42 

8. Love Broke Thru 3:57

9. Beyond Me 3:14

10. Love Feels Like 4:19 

11. Undeniable 3:42 

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