Veggietales: Veggies in Space - VeggieTales

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In a distant corner of the galaxy Luntar the Looter is menacing passing ships and stealing their power sources. When a dark shadow falls on the sunny beach-filled planet of Tootanny the USS Applepies fleet is deployed to put a stop to this space pirate. Captain Cuke (Larry) and first officer Mr. Spork (Bob) hop in their space-ion wagon posing as undercover Tootany tourists to find Luntar. Along the way Cuke and Spork discover that the villain is himself a victim desperately trying to save his planet from solar burst popcorn meteorites. When Luntar s nephew splits his sandwich and juice box with the captured Applepies crew he presents a simple solution to everyone s problem. Will Captain Cuke invoke the Galactic Law of Finder s Keepers or will he finally learn that when you have enough to spare you have enough to share ?

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