Come Away CD/DVD - Jesus Culture

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Jesus Culture's 5th full-length album - a CD/DVD combo

One thing different about this album is the extended versions of every song on the DVD. With over 12 minutes of extended worship and 5.1 surround sound audio this DVD is a must have. Come Away was recorded live at the Jesus Culture Redding Conference to a full house of passionate youth and young adults.

"Our prayer is that this album will be more than just another release from the Jesus Culture Band but it will release a sound that will capture the hearts of a generation who are looking for something more". - Banning Liebscher Director of Jesus Culture Ministries


  1. Come Away
  2. Rooftops
  3. My Passion
  4. Kingdom (DVD only)
  5. I Want To Know You
  6. My Soul Longs
  7. Freedom Reigns
  8. Let It Rain
  9. Mighty Breath Of God
  10. Show Me Your Glory
  11. One Thing Remains

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