The Nature of God - Graham Cooke


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Upgrading Your Image Of God And Who He Wants To Be For You


The Being With God series by Graham Cooke author of the bestselling “Developing Your Prophetic Gifting” examines different aspects of spirituality from slightly unusual angles. These books are interactive journals filled with practical guidance in the form of prayers exercises actions and meditations woven throughout the text. Readers are encourages to work through each book and chart their progress as they seek to further their personal journey of walking with and being with God.

The Nature of God is an interactive journal and book number three in Graham Cooke’s Being With God series. These books are filled with great teaching and interactive exercises making them ideal for both personal and small group study.


God wants us to be confident in Him and in His love for us. People who are doubtful about what God wants to do for them urgently need to upgrade their image of Him. Many great men and women of the Bible went through the experience of receiving a new revelation of who God wanted to be for them and so must we—if we desire to live a life of faith and conviction.

An absolute must-read for anyone embarking on a new season in life. 

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