God's Keeping Power - Graham Cooke

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The Being with God series by Graham Cooke examines different aspects of spirituality from slightly unusual angles. These books are interactive journals, filled with practical guidance in the form of prayers, exercises, actions and meditations woven throughout the text. Readers are encouraged to work through each book and chart their progress as they seek to further their personal journey of walking with and being with God.

One person plus God is always in the majority. One person plus God has all the power and authority in life that he/she needs. When things are tough and the circumstances of life threaten to swallow you up, who would you want to have by your side? In God's Keeping Power, Graham writes about times like these and the vital importance of knowing that God is our "keeper." He is our best friend, the person who sacrificed Himself for us, the One who wants us to succeed, and the One whose joy it is to see us go further than we ever thought possible. Discover the joy of God's keeping power!

Including eight targeted and specific exercises, this journal will guide you into a fuller, more profound relationship with the Father and radically change your view of how brilliant He can be.

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