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Immerse yourself in an artfully crafted journey of celebration---from worshipful quiet and reflection to joyful exultation! Featuring backup vocals from Audrey Assad, this inspiring release features "Joy," "Burn Like a Star," "My Lighthouse," "More Than Conquerors," "Strength of My Heart," "All That I Am," "Immeasurably More," "Finally Free," "Create in Me," "Simplicity," "Boldly I Approach," and "My Lighthouse (Poem)."
Track List:
  1. Joy
  2. Burn Like a Star
  3. My Lighthouse
  4. More Than Conquerors
  5. All That I Am
  6. Immeasurably More
  7. Finally Free
  8. Create In Me
  9. Strength Of My Heart
  10. Simplicity
  11. Boldly I Approach (The Art of Celebration)
  12. My Lighthouse [Live]
  13. Joy [Remix]

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