Clarity CD

Clarity CD

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Comprised of Emily Hamilton (lead vocals, guitars, keys), Johnny Hamilton (drums), and Jeff Luckey (guitars, keys, vocals), For All Seasons desires to cultivate an atmosphere of hope through their new project Clarity, no matter what season of life listeners may find themselves enduring. Clarity is rooted in story, which is a fitting introduction for the band. “The songs have the DNA of all of us in them, ” Emily says of the project’s seven tracks. “The message that’s continually coming out of our mouths, whether it’s onstage, or offstage or through all the music we write, is this idea that because of God’s consistent nature, He’s deserving of worship all the time. This is our decision for every season of life.”

Track Listings

1. Higher

2. Bigger Than

3. No Other

4. Clarity

5. Fight Anymore

6. Eternal King

7. Common Love

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