The Spirit of Adoption

The Spirit of Adoption


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There is a historic life movement coming to the body of Christ!

To be pro-life is to be pro-child.

Since 1973 the church has protested Roe v. Wade—the US Supreme Court case that declared on-demand abortion as a right.

The church is commanded to stand against darkness but it also has an authority and responsibility to shine brightly and drive out the shadows.

It’s time for a new proactive life movement that answers the critics and empowers the church to walk out the mandate of Malachi 4:5-6 turning our hearts toward the children.

Randy and Kelsey Bohlender share their inspiring story of embracing the call to be pro-child. This book will mobilize you to join the body of Christ and:

Break the orphan spirit upon a generation
Sift through the facts and myths about adoption
Play your unique role in raising up the Moses’ in this hour
Adoption is the next frontier for those who call themselves pro-life.
Take your place in ushering in this historic life movement!

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