But God

But God

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Are you experiencing trials and tribulations. Turn the attacks of the enemy into weapons against the enemy. Do you need healing? Has God said “no” to you? Has God called you to a ministry other than you desire?

In But God, author Behruz Daroga shares the spiritual principles he’s learned in his Christian walk that will, in turn, help you live an exceptional life. He tells the stories of his history and roller-coaster ride with God, stories that illustrate the truths in the Bible. Daroga also shares a discourse on the rapture to clarify and encourage as well as to outline how the bride readies herself for His coming.

But God narrates a scientist’s supernatural journey experiencing God’s deliverance from tribulations through numerous testimonies that underscore the promises of God as yes and amen. Daroga shows that as life becomes daunting and tumultuous, as mental and physical health become a challenge, God works to bring about good with an increased authority and anointing for ministry to others.

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