The Emotionally Healthy Marriage

The Emotionally Healthy Marriage

Dr. David & Dr.Jan Stoop

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Licensed clinical psychologists and therapists present a groundbreaking concept that applies the principles of Emotional Intelligence to marriage, enabling you and your spouse to build a stronger and deeper relationship.

When it comes to a successful, satisfying marriage, it's not about how many workshops you've attended, how many counseling sessions you've experienced together, or which conflict resolution tools you've been taught. What it really all comes down to is emotions--understanding your own and your partner's, and then walking hand in hand through those inevitable situations where emotions run high.

In The Emotionally Healthy Marriage, Drs. David and Jan Stoop take you and your spouse through a 5-step process of developing the emotional intelligence you need to stay strong and stay together. With personal inventories that help you discover where you are doing well and where you need improvement, as well as practical action steps you can take now to implement what you've learned, this book is perfect for couples, counselors, and pastors.

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