Brave Women,  Bold Moves

Brave Women, Bold Moves


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Women around the world are looking for purpose and significance in a society that exudes pressure to conform at every turn. Brave Women, Bold Moves offers a new look into past and present stories of women who chose bravery. Each biblical woman’s story and challenging circumstances have direct links to the tough choices modern-day women face when life is complicated. Each biblical woman was the least likely woman, proving that when it’s God’s choice, it’s the right one.

Cathie Ostapchuk unpacks the stories of brave women living in biblical times with snippets from women in today’s culture, plus some of the author’s story, in order to answer the question, “Where did bravery ever get you?” Brave Women, Bold Moves embodies a “big-picture” narrative approach to women in history and the church, with an encouragement to all women, in any season, to choose courage over conformity.

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