Growing Up With God Kit

Growing Up With God Kit

Shawn Bolz

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This kit is a tool for parents and teachers to empower the children of today with a foundational relationship with Jesus—one that that causes them to know their true spiritual identity and operate in it.

CHAPTER BOOK – Mentors kids in their spiritual identity and friendship with Jesus.

With language and stories kids can relate to, along with beautiful full-colour illustrations, Growing Up with God highlights the struggle of learning how God talks and then teaches kids how to apply what God is showing them once they hear him. The backbone of this kit.

WORKBOOK – Adds depth and perspective to the main topics of personal spiritual growth.

The workbook offers teaching on each of the themes of the chapter book. Each chapter has a chapter summary from the children’s book, children’s testimonies, questions, individual and group activities, journal sections, and a three-point teaching. This is perfect for individuals or small groups.

COLOuRING BOOK – Reinforces themes of compassion, faith, courage, friendship, and more.

Filled with images taken directly out of the chapter book and workbook. Colouring these helps children connect to the story on a deeper level while they express themselves artistically.

10 DVD SESSIONS – Watch with your children to see what’s possible in heaven’s relational kingdom.

Shawn Bolz teaches each session and shares many insights and personal stories of how the gift of prophecy connects many to God’s heart of love. * DVD Sessions come with 2 bonus Live Sessions with Shawn Bolz from our Growing Up with God Event

POSTER – Growing Up with God Poster to promote a Growing Up with God class and for your enjoyment!

TEACHER’S GUIDE – Guide children’s hearts into intimacy with the Father and those around them.

The teacher’s guide has more in-depth teaching, more children’s stories—that give a picture of how God may interact, group activities, group discussion topics, group questions, and activity pages. It includes various suggestions on how to teach the material, additional biblical content, and a parent’s application guide.

The teacher’s guide is only found inside the Growing up with God Study Course.

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