40 Days to Total Forgiveness

40 Days to Total Forgiveness

R.T. Kendall

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Forgiving others doesn’t just grant you peace. It gets you right with God.

This book will help you understand the importance of the mandate in God’s Word to forgive others and teach you what steps to take to totally forgive.




A powerful message reflecting biblical teachings on forgiveness

Bible verses for deeper study

Relevant prayers

Journaling space to reflect on what God is saying to you as you meditate on each devotion

Forgiving others totally is a core message of the gospel. Jesus forgives us completely and unconditionally, and we are to do the same. But how do we make the choice to let go of the unforgiveness in our hearts?

Are you holding on to bitterness or unforgiveness toward someone who has wronged you? Are you feeling a lack of freedom and peace in your spirit because of it? It’s time to get right with God by letting go of the past and releasing both the people and the pain. In this forty-day devotional based on R. T. Kendall’s best-selling work Total Forgiveness, you will find inspirational readings to guide you into a new place of peace and joy. You will learn:

The mandate to forgive

Misconceptions about forgiveness

What total forgiveness looks like

Steps to take to total forgiveness

The ultimate proof of total forgiveness

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