Keys to Brilliant Focus

Keys to Brilliant Focus


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Life runs at us headlong and busy frenetic with chores tasks plans and purposes. In the midst of that our relationship with the Lord is a calm peaceful oasis filled with life love and laughter.

Wisdom is the power to perceive differently the ability to think in a way that is energizing and full of faith and the permission to cultivate a lifestyle that mixes our heavenly identity with our earthly circumstances.

Here within are fifty-two short readings packed with wisdom to enable you to rise up and occupy a place in the Spirit regardless of circumstances.

Listen to Graham speak about how this book will transform your identity in God and the impact that will have in your own life in the following video.

Chapter Titles Include:

• Heaven Is Attracted to Jesus In You

• Make Yourself Vulnerable To God

•Proclamation on This Level Is The Key To The Next.

• Fascination Beats Intimidation
• Obstacles Challenge Us To Dream Bigger.

Meet The Author

Graham is a popular speaker around the world with a passion to empower the people of God to walk in their true identity. He is a powerful revelatory communicator with a radiant idea of Jesus himself and the Kingdom of God. His life and ministry are marked by his delightful intimate and unreserved two-way friendship with the Lord.

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